Friday, March 2, 2018

How to Fix dry eye

Did you know, that some people apparently don't know about dry eyes or dry eye syndrome (DES). Thus, what is dry eye syndrome, what causes it and how to solve it? According to the American Optometric Association, dry eye is a condition in which a person does not have enough qualified tears to moisturize and nourish the eyes.

Tears are the main factors to maintain health of the surface of the eye and clear vision. Dry eye is a very common complaint, particularly on the elderly. With every blink of an eye, tears spread across the surface of the eye, including the cornea.

Tears provide moisture, reducing the risk of infection and drove out foreign objects that enter the eyes, keep the surface of the eyes stay healthy and clear. Excessive tears will flow into a small drainage channels at the corners in the eyelid, then flows into the back of the nose. Dry eye occurs when production of tears and drainage is not balanced.

To help ease the symptoms of dry eye syndrome or dry eyes syndrome (DES), try to do 6 How to fix dry eye that we'll share below.

1. place the humidifier or humidifier in the House. With more water vapor in the air, tears will evaporate more slowly and keep your eyes more comfortable.

2. excessive air Movement can dry your eyes. Avoid this by reducing the speed ceiling fan.

3. Massage the eyelid using baby shampoo and rinse with warm water compress. Thicker-textured baby shampoo and lubricated. This is very helpful if you have inflammation of the eyelid or has problems with the glands in the eyelid. A warm compress will warm the oil glands, so that tears flowed more easily. Action massaging helps draw oil from the glands. This cleansing action will reduce the number of bacteria that break down the oil in your eye area.

4. artificial tears eye drops and medications lubricated can help provide more water vapor and moisture on the surface of your eyes. Artificial tears are usually used about four times a day, but can be used as often as you need. Select the product that is free of preservatives if you want to use artificial tears more than six times a day.

5. the Lubricant eye ointment-shaped is much more viscous than medication eye drops and gels. Therefore, ointments last longer than the eye drops and gels. However, due to its thickness, ointments can obscure Your vision if it is used during the day. Therefore, use it to lubricate the eye before you sleep.

6. If you feel your eyes dry, especially while reading or watching TV, take time off to rest the eyes and drug usage drops may help.

7 Secrets of Slim Women Japan Naturally

1. Fish that Japanese women eat fish around 69 kg per year. Replace ground meat meals with fish other than one way slim ... It turns out that it can also be to lowered the risk of heart disease. Oh yes their favorite fish is salmon.

2. Ketchup Society Japan also consume soy sauce with great numbers. From the research that there even could be up to 10 times more than any other country in the world. To slim tips, now you can say WOW! Why it can be a way to slim down? because the soy sauce in Japanese society have a low content of fat and calories. As well as having a high protein.

3. Fresh fruits and vegetables for you women who are often trying different tips slim, must already know that one of the ways it was the SLIM is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Japanese women do. ... and it's time you also do so so slender.

4. the natural Way slimmer Soybeans are giving meals with ingredients from soybeans. And it has become compulsory for Japanese women.

5. Range of food of most Japanese people eat a lot of variety of food. Even for a Japanese woman who is old. They can eat different food 100 days. The stars don't know his relationship with slim tips, but this way can be tried.

6. Healthy breakfast if in a country named, breakfast was certainly less than the lunch and dinner. But in contrast to the Japanese public. The breakfast portion of Japanese women are typically more than lunch and dinner.

7. The last rice from tips to slim down, was Japanese woman the relatively very little rice. They only eat two small bowl.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

How to improve your immune system

The immune system or the immune system have an important role in maintaining the body's health, the system is made up of cells and substances produced by the body, both are working collectively to fight foreign substances into the body.

The immune system also provides protection from outside influences such as infectious germs, bacteria and viruses involving cells and organs in the body, if the system is weakened then the resulting protection become weak so that germs, viruses as well as bacteria can enter and thrive.

These conditions often experienced by children because the immune system is not yet perfect so vulnerable was exposed to the disease, however there are several ways that can be done by parents to boost the immune system in children.

1. Provide Exclusive breast feeding breast milk in children aged 0-6 months is useful for increasing the power of the body and may provide protection against diseases related to the digestive and respiratory systems.

2. Play in the Environment of the parents often feel worried when their children play in dirty environments, but playing on the environment as it can boost the immune system of the child in order to be fully developed.

3. A lot of Laughs Doing a habit which can make children laugh is one way to help boost the production of cells that can help boost the immune system by killing germs cause colds and flu.

4. Rest by Simply Increasing the immune system can be done by way of resting with enough beds healthy portion due to the age of 3-12 years to 10 hours each day.

5. reduce Giving Antibiotics Granting anti biotic that too often the child can weaken the immune system of the body.

6. Avoid air pollution air pollution can damage Cilia hairs inside the nose that acts as an antidote to the entry of foreign matter into the body so as to keep children from air pollution such as cigarette smoke, combustion smoke and pollution due to some materials other chemical.

7. give foods that can increase the Immunity Provides a useful food intake to increase immunity is one of the best ways to improve the child's immune system, these foods which are soy milk, fish, eggs, honey, vegetables and fruits.

White Shoes cleaning tips

Clean your shoes always has its own challenges. Be it the shoes are white or other bright colors, clean your shoes can be really difficult. The shoe is one of the most dirty quick because it protects your feet every day. However, it certainly would not look good if you use shoes that look dirty because it will make you feel uncomfortable.

White shoes will make you look beautiful and classy. Much of the white sneakers favored by men and women as it fits to any colored tops combined with. Wearing white sneakers can also make you look sporty. However, keeping shoes clean white is a real challenge which is not easy. Even the slightest stain will be clearly visible on light-colored shoes.

After wearing it a few times, stains and dirt may not can you avoid. However, the difficulty of clean white shoes doesn't mean that you don't have to wear them. Here are some simple tips for cleaning white shoes:

The sponge: is wet it is simple tips to care white shoes at home in order to keep it looking new. Each time you finish using it, make sure to wipe any dirt and stains from your shoes by using a damp sponge. This will prevent the stain stick permanently. In addition, impurities can make the shoe look yellow gradually. So, after you release the shoes, remember to always clean with a damp sponge.

In addition to Baking Soda sponge and detergent, you can also make Your white shoes look like new by using baking soda. This material can act as a natural bleach, baking soda, therefore, it has often been used to tackle stains on white clothing. Add baking soda to the water the marinade that has been mixed with detergent, then gently rub the dirt and stains from Your white shoes. Clear shoe with a clean sponge and Sun-bathing shoes and then wait until the shoe is completely dry.

Lemon if you have legs that are always sweaty, make sure you use lemon when washing a pair of your shoes. In addition to being able to reduce the stain yellow, lemon will also leave a refreshing aroma. Lemon can help get rid of the smell of sweat from the shoes and also clean it up more easily.

In addition you can also mix salt with lemon to lighten the stain on the shoes. Make sure you dry the shoes in the sunlight to help remove the smell of sweat and also kill the bacteria in it.

That's a few tips you can try to resolve stubborn stains that are often attached to Your white shoes. With shoes that are always clean and shiny, you'll feel more confident everywhere you step.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Overcome Depression with folic acid

During the folic acid is known as one of the vitamins that are essential for the growth of the baby was conceived. But it turns out that folic acid can also help prevent disturbance and depression. It is based on two experiments involving about 1,000 people with a daily dose of folic acid.

One study conducted by the University of Oxford to find out if this vitamin could prevent depression in young people. While the second research conducted at Bangor University in North Wales by involving adults who experienced depression are to heavy. The results showed that one-third of sufferers of depression have low levels of folic acid, and also the greater the shortage of folic acid then suffered symptoms of depression will also be getting worse.

In addition people who have low levels of folate, have less response against antidepressants. Several studies have found that depressed patients will folic deficiency. The possibility of a lot of people who are depressed tend to consume the food in a little amount, this causes someone lack many vitamins and minerals including folic acid. There is a study in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that the amount of folic acid that is reasonably required by the brain in order to work properly.

If the brain lack this substance may cause higher risk against depression and antidepressant drugs also exacerbated the response. In addition to this study, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, a group of researchers gave the drug fluoxetine (Prozac) in 213 patients with depressive disorders. After eight weeks given fluoxetine, patients with low folate levels are significantly likely shows an improvement of drug therapy.

Benefits of breadfruit Leaves dry to Health

Benefits of breadfruit Leaves dry to Health can cope with diseases such as cancer, heart, kidney, liver, gout cholesterol and many more diseases which can be overcome using leaves dried breadfruit! In addition there are still plenty of nutrition and the benefits of breadfruit leaves dry to the health of the body.

The leaves are dried breadfruit is also very often used as an assortment of drugs not just the fruit of the breadfruit can consumption turned out to be a very save breadfruit leaves many benefits what are the benefits of other breadfruit leaves.

1. Overcoming Cancer: Disease cancer can often be few reasons and one of them because of the destruction of the cells in the body tissue and many more causes of cancer occur, therefore consume leaves dried breadfruit to overcome disease cancer can grow on the body, and in this way you can lower your risk of getting cancer and cancer still takes up a lot of casualties each year to millions of inhabitants and the benefits of breadfruit leaves dry for this health can overcome cancer such.

2. Overcome the kidney: disease for patients with kidney disease who always do washing blood regularly and also performs control routines can use the dried leaves of this useful breadfruit to cope and treat kidney disease, and try multiply drinking water in order not to be exposed to a kidney stone in get involved from the lack of white water consumption every day.

3. Lower the benefits of breadfruit: Leaves Cholesterol dry to health very much at all other than to address kidney disease also can overcome and lowering high high cholesterol cholesterol high due to the large number of consuming foods that have saturated fats such as beef, mutton, poultry and other vegetable oils! It turns out that by consuming the leaves dried breadfruit can lower cholesterol.

4. Lower the risk of heart: Disease heart disease can occur due to several factors such as blockage of the blood vessels, of complications from a stroke, hardening of the blood vessels and causes of the occurrence of the risk of heart disease! therefore use the dried leaves of the breadfruit is very beneficial to heart health and can also take care of heart health and avoid the occurrence of the risk exposed to heart disease.

5. Treat uric acid leaves: Dried breadfruit benefits for health can also to ward off gout, and believe very potent to ward off gout, and some cases of the disease gout this may cause inflammation of the joints and also the most severe could astringent bitter taste paralysis on the leaves dried breadfruit is also in the trust can reduce and treat the diseases of uric acid are potent.

6. Treat your Allergies: Are always experiencing good allergies to foods or other things, and allergies that normally occur will cause itching of the skin, and consume leaf dried breadfruit is very in demand to cope with allergies that occur because believe it can improve the immune system by consuming the leaves dried breadfruit.

7. Treat Toothache: Pain in the tooth holes in get involved by germs and bacteria lodged in the teeth, and the teeth pierced tooth untreated which causes cavities and the growth of germs in the cavities, the most effective is by gargle water decoration of leaves of breadfruit, anti toxic content in leaves of breadfruit serves to kill germs and benefits of breadfruit leaves dry to oral health.

8. Overcoming Disease: Liver disease liver is a disease that attacks the spleen because of defective systems of spleen on the body, consume water decoration of the leaves dried breadfruit serves to address the diseases of the liver because the leaves dried breadfruit have substance anti virus ! and consume these dry breadfruit leaves are routinely some of the above are benefits of breadfruit leaves dried for health, consume the leaves dried breadfruit for other health benefits.

The benefits for the health of the body Sweats

Sweating is the body's reaction to cooling. But in some people suffering from the disease Hyperhidrosis (or excessive sweating), the production of sweat so much that it may cause some problems.

Hyperhidrosis  can cause psychological and psychosocial effects. People who have a background Hyperhidrosis often have a sense of lacking confidence high, preferring to shut down and have to change my lifestyle to cope with this problem.

In addition, excessive sweating also raises some diseases or skin irritation due to wet skin conditions more easily exposed to infection of bacteria and fungi.

But not always the person who sweats have a problem, because it can also reflect that someone in a healthy physical condition, such as exhausted exercise or are running one of the favorite activities. There are several health benefits that can be given of the sweaty, namely here:

1. Lose weight: Did you know, sweating is one of the media that acts as a calorie burner. If you do not have much time to work out, try to do other activities that make the body sweat, for example just hanging out in the sauna with steam heat.

2. Dispose of the toxic: Waste all the Toxins stored in your body will be issued when your body secrete sweat. In this way the kidneys, liver, intestines and other vital organs cleaned naturally and traditional.

3. Relieve Stress: During these few health research tells us that physical exercise can help you deal with stress. But the key is to be sweat out during routine running physical exercise. This will reduce the stress due to several causes.

4. Cool the Body: When the temperature around the heat When Your active sweat glands are working, then the body will be more discharge in the form of sweat. In addition, it is also good for sweating cools the body temperature. Certainly will not be healthy if you are in a State of heat but could not pull out a sweat. So that the rotating body heat without being able to come out and be able to give the effect that is not healthy.

5. Balances body: Fluids of substances such as sodium and potassium are indispensable as guard your body's fluid balance. So, if you too are consuming excess food/drinks that contain sodium or potassium excess, sweating can be stabilize.

Sweating may be considered not so fun, because it is usually synonymous with room temperatures that are hot and sultry or circumstances giving rise to a dirty body smell not. Whereas the sweat coming out, let alone of physical activities such as exercise or do an activity that you like, it can provide many benefits to the health of the body.